// Every story has a beginning

Our mission

Slant'd is a new print magazine that celebrates Asian American culture and shines a spotlight on #badasians: game changers who are shattering stereotypes and breaking through the bamboo ceiling. We're here to challenge racial norms, encourage open-mindedness, and explore what it means to be Asian American. Slant’d sparks meaningful conversation about Asian American identity by empowering real people to share real stories.

Our origin story

Amidst swirling conversations about our childhoods, parents, partners, and struggles, a group of friends were inspired to surface the real, amazing, and untold stories of Asian Americans β€” and so, Slant'd was born. 

Slant'd encourages self-discovery through evocative storytelling, as told by a diverse generation just trying to answer the question, "Who am I?" We challenge ourselves and our readers to dig deeper when thinking about race and identity. By flipping a stereotype on its head, Slant'd aims to redefine what it means to be Asian American.

Slant'd amplifies the voice of a silent majority.
Slant'd embraces the complexity of race.
Slant'd debunks cultural exaggerations and stereotypes.
Slant'd encourages introspection and vulnerability.
Slant'd fosters cultural understanding.
Slant'd welcomes all perspectives.
Slant'd celebrates self-discovery.
Slant'd believes in the power of stories.

Celebrating #badasians, one story at a time.